Tim grew up in a middle class family, working in his dad’s ironworking shop in Kansas City. He knows that our economy is strong when workers and families have access to good paying jobs, higher wages, and the skills to succeed and get ahead.

When Tim was Governor, Virginia was ranked the best state for business — and it’s because we invest in our people, value our diversity, and grow the talented and educated workforce that makes our economy thrive. Tim understands that, to bring more jobs to Virginia, we must have a skilled workforce. He cosponsored the Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act to give businesses incentives to hire individuals in apprenticeship programs in high-demand fields such as health care, technology or manufacturing. He also introduced the bipartisan JOBS Act to help expand employment in high-demand fields by allowing individuals to use Pell Grants for job training programs.

Tim also wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and he sponsored the Raise the Wage Act to do just that. He will keep fighting to ensure that 41 million workers, including nearly 786,000 Virginians, can see higher pay by raising the minimum wage.

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