Tim is fighting to ease the crushing burden of student debt and make higher education and job training available to all Virginians. Tim believes that, if we can pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut for those at the very top, we can find a way to make college debt-free for students who need it — and he recently worked to pass his legislation to help forgive student loans for public service workers, such as teachers, soldiers, and social workers. He also co-sponsored the Fairness for Struggling Students Act, which would make it easier for students to get relief from their private loan debt through bankruptcy.

Ensuring that we have a skilled workforce will not only benefit students but drive new businesses and employers to Virginia. A longtime leader in promoting career and technical education, he is fighting for parity in how we view workforce programs and traditional four-year college, including by expanding Pell Grants to cover short-term job training programs. Tim also created the bipartisan Senate Career and Technical Education Caucus to help more Americans acquire the education and skills to help them find employment and enjoy successful careers, and he supports legislation to foster partnerships between community college and businesses to place more students in good jobs.

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