A good education is the foundation for a successful future, which is why Tim is a champion for our public schools. Tim and his wife Anne sent their three kids to Richmond public schools, so they know firsthand the concerns parents have about their children’s education and the power that good teachers have to change kids’ lives. Tim will fight efforts to divert public school funding to private schools, and he supports raising teacher pay and providing teachers with the tools and resources they need in the classroom.

As Mayor, Tim built four new schools in Richmond, the city’s first new schools in a generation, and increased education spending by 30 percent. As Governor, he worked with the legislature to expand the number of children enrolled in Pre-K by nearly 40 percent, a commitment to expanding and improving education that helped lead to Education Week naming Virginia the state where a child was most likely to have a successful life.

In the Senate, Tim is on the key committee dealing with education issues — the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee — where he has worked to ensure that students have the skills to be successful after high school. Tim believes in the power of career and technical education (CTE) to strengthen links between the classroom and the workplace and to help students gain the skills that will lead to productive, successful lives after graduation, which is why he introduced legislation to help schools recruit and train high-quality CTE teachers. Tim also introduced the PRE-K Act to help more states expand early childhood education, and he supports legislation to help students earn college credits in high school in order to cut the cost of earning a college degree.

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