Too many of our communities are plagued by gun violence. Tim believes weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools, and he proudly boasts an F-rating from the NRA.

Tim is a gun owner and supports the Second Amendment, but he also believes we must take concrete steps to reduce gun violence. He supports universal background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and improving our mental health system. This is personal for Tim, too. He was governor when the shooting at Virginia Tech took place — and after the shooting, Tim brought Democrats and Republicans together to strengthen the background check system and improve mental health.

Tim authored the Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act, which would hold people responsible for selling or transferring a firearm to someone who is barred by federal law from possessing firearms, and he co-sponsored legislation that would close a loophole which currently allows gun sales to proceed if a background check is not completed after 72 hours.

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