August 10, 2018 Posts

“I love Charlottesville”

I love Charlottesville.

My son, Humayun Khan, attended the University of Virginia where he was a member of the Army ROTC program. He believed his time there helped to complete him as a person and so he wanted to give back. This led my son to serve overseas in the U.S. Army, where he showed the highest level of patriotism and bravery that one can show when he lost his life while protecting others.

After my son’s death, my wife Ghazala and I moved to Charlottesville to be closer to our other two sons who were there. The community welcomed us with open arms and the university hosted two military ceremonies honoring our son, his service, and our loss.

Ghazala and I became very involved with the Army ROTC at UVA, as a way to honor our son and give back to a group that gave so much to him. It was by being a part of this community and working with these students that we were able to put our roots down in Charlottesville, Virginia.

But two days from now will mark the one year anniversary of hate showing its face in the streets of Charlottesville, my home. I hope you will join me and add your name to Senator Kaine’s pledge to reject hate.

I promise to do my part to speak out against hate. I will always fight hard against the prejudiced views that disrespect my family, the memory of my son who loved this country, and countless families who call America home.

And I pledge to always fight for an inclusive Charlottesville – one that welcomes all in search of peace with open arms. I will continue to learn from and grow with the community of Charlottesville and to resist the hate we saw here, almost exactly one year ago.

Senator Kaine and I pledge to reject hate, in all of its forms. Join us and sign the pledge today.

With respect,

Khizr Khan

Sign the pledge to reject hate

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