October 26, 2018 Press Releases

In New Ad Airing Statewide With 10 Days to Go, Kaine Tells Virginians We ‘Can’t Make Progress When We’re Divided’

WATCH THE AD – ‘Listening’

In a new television ad set to begin airing statewide on Saturday, Senator Tim Kaine lays out his belief that “the most important part of serving is listening” and tells Virginians “we can’t make progress when we’re divided.” Kaine’s commitment to solving problems and listening to Virginians has led him to pass meaningful legislation on important issues such as veterans’ employment, opioid addiction, and pediatric health care. The ad spotlights a central tenet of Kaine’s life in public service: that working together to solve problems is always more powerful than sowing division for political gain.

Transcript of ‘Listening’ – Watch Here

I believe the most important part of serving is listening.

I’ve heard stories from people across Virginia that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric health care.

But we can’t make progress when we’re divided.

When our leaders pit us against each other for political gain.

In the Senate I’ll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to Virginia and to America.

I’m Tim Kaine and I approve this message.