Kaine For Virginia Campaign Launches New Digital Ad, “Extreme,” Highlighting Hung Cao’s Dangerous Position On Reproductive Freedom

Narrator: “If you can’t trust women, you’re too extreme for Virginia.” 

Richmond, VA – Today, the Kaine for Virginia campaign launched a new digital ad, “Extreme,” highlighting MAGA extremist Hung Cao’s dangerous position on abortion. 


The ad focuses on Hung Cao’s position on outlawing abortion. It begins with how Cao was “thrilled” when Roe v. Wade was overturned and Cao’s pledge in a 2022 questionnaire to support a law “to protect innocent life from conception to natural death,” which would mean a nationwide ban on abortion with zero exceptions for rape or incest. Cao has also used extreme language to talk about abortion, comparing women who receive abortions to Nazis. 

“If Hung Cao had his way, he would overrule Virginians and support a total abortion ban with zero exceptions for rape and incest,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for Kaine for Virginia. “With reproductive freedom on the line in this election, the choice could not be clearer: Tim Kaine trusts women to make their own reproductive health decisions while Hung Cao believes he should make these personal decisions for Virginia women.”  

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below: 

  • VO: Where does Hung Cao stand on outlawing abortion? 
  • When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Hung Cao said he was “thrilled.”  
  • But Cao went even further! 
  • He pledged support for a national law that could totally outlaw abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. No exceptions. 
  • While also jeopardizing access to contraception and IVF services. 
  • He even compared American women who have abortions to Nazis!  
  • Hung Cao — If you can’t trust women, you’re too extreme for Virginia. 


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