Good Jobs and a Strong Economy

Tim knows that our economy is strong when workers and families have access to good paying jobs, higher wages, and the skills to succeed and get ahead.

Health Care for All

Tim is fighting to expand health care for all Virginians.

Civil Rights and Equal Justice

Equality is one of the foundational principles of America — that “all men are created equal” — and Tim has spent his life trying to even the playing field for all people.

Tackling Gun Violence

Too many of our communities are plagued by gun violence. Tim believes weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools, and he proudly boasts an F-rating from the NRA.

Supporting Veterans and Our Military

Tim believes our country must fulfill its sacred promise to care for those who have served in uniform.

Women’s Equality

Tim understands that women in America face a complex set of barriers to achieving true equality and has been a lifelong fighter for advancing women's equality.

Strengthening Public Schools and Education

A good education is the foundation for a successful future, which is why Tim is a champion for our public schools.

Higher Education and Job Training

Tim is fighting to ease the crushing burden of student debt and make higher education and job training available to all Virginians.

Keeping America Safe and Strengthening Diplomacy

Our country is safer when we are strong on the world stage, which is why Tim has consistently spoken out against the Trump administration’s reckless foreign policy and the dangerous actions he’s taken to erode U.S. leadership around the world.

Fighting for Immigrant Communities

Tim believes that America is made stronger by its diversity, and that the promise of the American Dream is threatened by an anti-immigrant agenda led by the Trump administration.

Standing With Our Seniors

Seniors should not spend their later years worrying about their economic security or whether they will have access to good health care.

Protecting Our Environment

Climate change imperils our planet's future and threatens our economy. Tim believes that protecting our natural resources and environment are critical for our long-term health, safety and prosperity.

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