Kaine For Virginia Campaign Launches New Digital Ad, “Not Podunk”

Tim Kaine: “Elitists who refuse to show up for you will never stand up for you. I stand up for all Virginians, and I always will.”

Richmond, VA – Today, the Kaine for Virginia campaign launched a new digital ad, “Not Podunk,” contrasting how Tim Kaine stands up and respects all Virginians while his opponent disrespects rural Virginia.


The ad highlights how Tim Kaine listens to Virginians and respects them, while Hung Cao denigrates Virginians, by calling Staunton “podunk” and saying that it would be “ridonkulous” to drive down to Abingdon.

Responding to Hung Cao insulting Staunton as “podunk,” Tim Kaine says, “Staunton isn’t podunk! We spent our honeymoon here.” And while Hung Cao said it would be ridonkulous to drive to Abingdon, Tim Kaine responds, saying, “Abingdon isn’t ridonkulous! My wife’s aunt lived there.”  

When facing scrutiny for his scam PAC, Hung Cao lashed out at the Staunton News-Leader and called it a “podunk local newspaper.” Then Cao dug the hole deeper, saying it would be “ridonkulous” to drive to Abingdon and answer questions from voters who would want to know how he would represent them in the U.S. Senate. Cardinal News noted that Cao has continued to double down on the issue, reporting that Cao said it doesn’t make sense to drive to Hampton Roads for a forum also.

“Virginians deserve a U.S. Senator like Tim Kaine who shows up in every corner of the commonwealth, listens, and respects them,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for the Kaine for Virginia campaign. “The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer: Tim Kaine is always willing to meet with Virginians and listen to them, while Hung Cao is an out-of-touch elitist who insults Virginians and refuses to show up for them.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

  • Senator Tim Kaine: As your Senator, I listen to you and respect you. My opponent won’t.
  • Hung Cao: “I called Staunton, that Staunton newspaper, podunk… It is a podunk newspaper.”
  • Senator Tim Kaine: Staunton isn’t podunk! We spent our honeymoon here.
  • Hung Cao: “For me to drive six and a half hours down to Abingdon…to answer questions, it’s just ridonkulous.”
  • Senator Tim Kaine: Abingdon isn’t ridonkulous!  My wife’s aunt lived here.
  • Elitists who refuse to show up for you will never stand up for you.
  • I stand up for all Virginians, and I always will.


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