Kaine For Virginia Campaign Launches New Digital Ad, “Perfect”

Tim Kaine: “When You Work Hard, You Deserve To Get Ahead.”  

Richmond, VA – Today, the Kaine for Virginia campaign launched a new digital ad, “Perfect,” contrasting how Tim Kaine has lowered costs for Virginia families, while Hung Cao’s agenda would make living in Virginia more expensive. 


The ad highlights how Tim Kaine is putting more room in Virginia families’ budgets so they can keep their hard-earned money, while Hung Cao has called Florida Senator Rick Scott’s plan to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block and raise taxes on Virginia families and small businesses, “perfect.”  

“Virginians deserve a Senator like Tim Kaine, who has been laser-focused on cutting costs for Virginia’s families, including lowering prescription drug costs and cutting taxes for working families in the U.S. Senate,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for Kaine for Virginia. “The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer: Tim Kaine is working to lower costs for Virginians while Hung Cao would raise costs for hardworking Virginia families.”  

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below: 

  • VO: The radical plan that would make living in Virginia more expensive?  
  • Reporter: That would raise taxes on half of Americans, and potentially sunset programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 
  • VO: Hung Cao supports it. 
  • Hung Cao: I mean, it was perfect… I couldn’t have asked for something better. 
  • Senator Tim Kaine: I passed a law bringing down drug prices because too many Virginians were getting squeezed. 
  • And I’m fighting to reduce the costs for child care and college while cutting taxes for Virginia families. 
  • When you work hard, you deserve to get ahead. 


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