Senator Kaine Releases First Plank Of Kitchen Table Economic Agenda, Highlighting His Work To Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Lansdowne, VA – This afternoon at a senior center in Lansdowne, Virginia, Senator Tim Kaine released the first plank of his “Kaine Kitchen Table Agenda:” lowering prescription drugs. Around the commonwealth in the coming months, Senator Kaine will unveil new planks to his plan to highlight how he is working to lower costs for Virginians, so they have more room in their family budgets. 

“I’m pleased we have a $35 insulin cap for seniors but there is more work we need to do. No Virginians should have to choose between lifesaving medication and groceries or rent. We need to have the $35 insulin cap for all Virginians so that every person in this Commonwealth will only have to pay $35 for this lifesaving medication,” said Senator Tim Kaine. “That’s why I am releasing the first plank of my Kaine Kitchen Table economic agenda today to lower the cost of prescription drugs because I am laser-focused on lowering costs for Virginia families across the commonwealth.” 

Senator Kaine was a deciding vote on the Inflation Reduction Act, which caps the out-of-pocket amount that seniors will have to pay for prescription drugs bought at the pharmacy at $2,000 a year, which is over one hundred million dollars in savings for Virginians. It also caps the amount that seniors will have to pay for insulin at $35 for a month’s supply, benefiting nearly 36,500 Virginians. He believes that these savings should be open to all Virginians and is fighting to lower the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. Senate. 

Below is a picture of the event in Lansdowne: 


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