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Fighting For Immigrant Communities

Virginia is home to over one million immigrants from all across the globe, and Tim believes that diversity makes our Commonwealth stronger. That’s why Tim is determined to fix our broken immigration system by making the process fairer and more efficient; creating a path to citizenship for those who are eligible and standing up against xenophobia. During a debate on immigration reform in 2013, Tim made history when he proudly delivered the first full speech in Spanish on the U.S. Senate floor.

Tim has been a leading voice in Congress on the importance of defending Temporary Protective Status (TPS) and called on the Biden Administration to continue protecting displaced Salvadorans and Hondurans by redesignating those countries for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). He has also successfully pushed the Biden Administration to grant TPS designations for Cameroon and Ukraine as well as designating TPS status for Venezuela. He stood up to then-President Trump by introducing legislation to end his cruel policy of tearing families apart at the border. Tim also strongly supports the DACA program and is working to give Dreamers and others who have been forced to live in the shadows a permanent solution that gives them the peace of mind they deserve.

Tim is laser-focused on finding real, commonsense solutions on immigration, so those who desire can safely and lawfully live out the American dream.

Protecting Our Climate

Defending Democracy and the Right to Vote

Keeping America Safe and Strengthening Diplomacy

Supporting our Military and Veterans

Investing in Rural Virginia

Standing with our Seniors

Strengthening Education and Workforce Opportunities

Fighting for Equality and Justice

Prioritizing Public Safety

Securing The Border

Delivering for Virginia

Making Health Care More Affordable

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Creating Jobs and Strengthening our Economy

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