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Protecting Our Climate

Climate change is an existential threat to Virginia’s economy, our national security, and the future of our Commonwealth. In the U.S. Senate, Tim helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the largest single investment in the clean energy economy, will lower energy bills, and tackle climate change. He also passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which will invest in technology, including domestic battery storage, which is key to expanding clean energy. Tim successfully passed his EMBRACE Act to improve climate resiliency at military facilities at risk of flooding while protecting stormwater-impacted ecosystems and waterways, including those that feed into the Chesapeake Bay.

As Governor, Tim put in place the Commonwealth’s first comprehensive clean energy plan and invested more than $1 billion into the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia’s rivers.

Whether under the Biden administration or Trump administration, Tim has stood firmly against efforts to fast-track the Mountain Valley Pipeline because Virginians should never have their land taken away by a pipeline company without a fair process and just compensation. Tim believes corporations should not be able to go to Congress and bypass the process everybody else goes through.

He has opposed efforts to open up Virginia’s coastline to offshore drilling and has worked tirelessly to make sure Virginia has clean air and clean water. As an avid outdoorsman, Tim knows Virginia’s great outdoors is a treasure worth preserving for future generations, so he’s laser-focused on protecting Virginia’s environment and finding climate solutions.

Defending Democracy and the Right to Vote

Keeping America Safe and Strengthening Diplomacy

Supporting our Military and Veterans

Investing in Rural Virginia

Standing with our Seniors

Strengthening Education and Workforce Opportunities

Fighting for Equality and Justice

Prioritizing Public Safety

Fighting For Immigrant Communities

Securing The Border

Delivering for Virginia

Making Health Care More Affordable

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Creating Jobs and Strengthening our Economy

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